Октябрь 27, 2018


Peace be with you, dear brothers and sisters!

Dnipro “Hope” Baptist Church is a part of the Regional Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists. It was founded in the year 2004. God has blessed our church in development and growth. We currently have 118 church members, 80% of them are middle aged and young people. Our goal is to glorify God through discipleship and evangelism. That is why we have several Bible study groups and more than half of the church members are involved in different ministries: Sunday school for children, teenager and youth ministries, worship and media ministries, Bible study groups, etc. Our church is active in evangelism – a group of our youth cooperate with CRU ministry (Campus Crusade for Christ International) witnessing to students. For teenage non-believers we have Young Life Club. We also do floor ball practices in our church and different summer projects and VBS camps. Young people from our church have been leading children’s clubs (Tomorrow Club) in one of the orphanages of our city for many years. There are more than 60 kids and teenagers who attend our church.

The church does not have its own building. Since 2004 we have met in a rented facility with a total floor area of 2395 sq. ft. It has 2 halls, a kitchen and several rooms for classes and offices which allows us to run different ministries. The building is located in a poor community of our city. This year the building was put upfor sale. Its price is $250,000 but we were offered to buy this building at a great discount of $160,000. We see God’s hand in it. He encourages us to put our trust in Him and diligently give.

We ask you to support us financially as well and we will be grateful to God and to you for any donation.

You may send your donations to

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